Iconic bag of the week

Hello girls, today i am presenting you the IT bag of the moment:

Petra of Everlane!


The bag became famous few months ago when Angelina was spotted wearing it. Sorry, when Angelina was spotted wearing a $ 400 bag! The world went crazy, everyone wants the bag! Almost everyone can have it but the waiting list is a bit full!

Petra is coming in 3 sizes and few color options. still waiting for the new season colors.

You can wear it in your travels, at shopping or at the office- the bag is big enough to carry all your essentials and more.

Iconic bag of the week

Iconic bag of the week-Rockie Pastels

Alexander Wang Rockie

There is a bag that comes in all the pastel colors that we love this season.

We present you-Rockie!

We’re struck by this Alexander Wang satchel’s blend of innovation, edge, and versatility. The rivets lend undeniable attitude—but we know you’ll be equally comfortable sporting it in the office and on the street.

The bag comes in a variety of colors and textures.
Price range USD 790- USD 1200 and up

Iconic bag of the week-Rockie Pastels

Iconic bag of the week



Watching the street fashion from the latest FW shows, this bag kept my attention, especially the velvet collection which i think is more delicate and feminine and if i will ever get a Chanel Boy bag i will reconsider my option…instead of having a black bag that can work in every combination…i would certainly have a velvet one in a strong or pastel color.

Boy bag first introduced in the Chanel Fall/Winter 2011 ready-to-wear collection.

Creative director Karl Lagerfeld explains: “Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses; she had this boyish attitude, in fact, it is the very spirit of Chanel. She got it from Boy Capel, the great love of her life, which, incidentally, explains why the new bag is called the Boy Chanel.”

Inspired by a cartridge bag that was originally made for hunters and was carried by Madame Chanel herself, the Boy comes in three varying sizes and in practical, no-nonsense shades of red, black, grey, green and ivory.

67085_black_calfskin_boy_chanel_flap_bag_11_1 1384967332493 Boy-Chanel-Bags-Photo

Chanel Boy Enchained Flap Bag € 3,190.00
Chanel Boy Celtic Medium Flap Bag € 3,160.00
Chanel Tweed Boy Brick Clutch Bag € 9,000.00
Chanel Boy Reverso Medium Flap Bag € 3,300.00
Chanel Boy Reverso Shopping Bag € 3,450.00
Chanel Boy Brick Flap Bag € 2,850.00
Chanel Coco Sporran Flask Bag € 2,640.00
Chanel Tweed Boy Chanel Flap Small Bag € 2,290.00
Chanel Tweed Boy Chanel Flap Medium Bag € 2,450.00
Chanel Tweed Boy Chanel Flap Large Bag € 2,950.00

Iconic bag of the week

Iconic bag of the week

3.1 Philip Lim Pashli bag

Continuing with my search for great bags, I remembered one of my last years wishes- Philip Lim  Pashli Satchel- this bag was launched in 2011 f/w collection and is still under the fashion radars.


It is a gorgeous all leather bag that comes with short handles, expandable sides,
a front flap that ends in a gold-tone clasp and a perfect palette of leathers.

The Pashli was initially inspired by the pragmatic design of motorcycle bags, where every detail served a function.

“She is a working girl, she is real she wears
things from day to night from day to day. For me it is really important for the
bag to work for the wearer and not the other way round.” Philip Lim

Price: $895 for the medium (original size) satchel in leather, $950-750 when color-blocked; $695 for the mini satchel in leather, $625 in canvas; $750 for messenger style

Iconic bag of the week

Iconic bag of the week

I love bags. And shoes. But I think I love bags more 🙂

Every Monday I will bring you the bag of the week together with a small history and the reasons why we love those bags.

This week’s Iconic bag is the one I desire most lately. Maybe because I was searching for a black one and not just a black bag, the Givenchy Antigona kept my attention every time I was googling for bags.


Givenchy Antigona was lunched it 2010. It is another great piece created by
Ricardo Tisci. Antigona is a boston bag, classic and feminine but with
strong masculine details.

Givenchy Antigona glossy leather Handbag

The bag is inspired by “Antigone” a feminine figure with a strong character. It represents Ricardo Tisci’s love of the masculine/feminine contrast.

Why do we love this bag? Well except the fact that all the fashionistas are wearing it, this bag is timeless and recognizable, with its leather strap and handles, the carryall can be worn in different ways. The bag is accessorized with golden hardware throughout including the top zip fastening. The golden Givenchy logo adorns the front of the bag. Inside, the bag has a fabric lining and there is a zip fastening pocket.

It comes in 3 sizes and a lot of colors and leather combinations. However, I do prefer the solid leather ones just because it can be easily adjusted to every look.

Price range: EUR 1500- and way up

Iconic bag of the week