Iconic bag of the week

I love bags. And shoes. But I think I love bags more 🙂

Every Monday I will bring you the bag of the week together with a small history and the reasons why we love those bags.

This week’s Iconic bag is the one I desire most lately. Maybe because I was searching for a black one and not just a black bag, the Givenchy Antigona kept my attention every time I was googling for bags.


Givenchy Antigona was lunched it 2010. It is another great piece created by
Ricardo Tisci. Antigona is a boston bag, classic and feminine but with
strong masculine details.

Givenchy Antigona glossy leather Handbag

The bag is inspired by “Antigone” a feminine figure with a strong character. It represents Ricardo Tisci’s love of the masculine/feminine contrast.

Why do we love this bag? Well except the fact that all the fashionistas are wearing it, this bag is timeless and recognizable, with its leather strap and handles, the carryall can be worn in different ways. The bag is accessorized with golden hardware throughout including the top zip fastening. The golden Givenchy logo adorns the front of the bag. Inside, the bag has a fabric lining and there is a zip fastening pocket.

It comes in 3 sizes and a lot of colors and leather combinations. However, I do prefer the solid leather ones just because it can be easily adjusted to every look.

Price range: EUR 1500- and way up

Iconic bag of the week

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