Blue loves green

Yesterday my style teacher talked about colors and colors combinations.

I instantly had in mind a Picasso paint that I recently view at the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna- Seated woman with green scarf-

It was by far the only work of art that took all my attention, because of the color combination that I loved at first sight and, of course, because Picasso is one of my favorite painters in the whole world.


Girls, I truly believe that there is no better combination of colors like green and blue, there are so many shades that can be suitable for all of us, we can always add a different color as a highlight like fuchsia, orange, aubergine, yellow or red, great massive accessories, colored shoes or bags…everything is possible of course if you can create a good balance between colors.

greenskirt2 imagesCA3PF4IV lfw_day1_11_bag imagesCA34AZN7

Check the gallery below for inspiration and once again, check your closet, I am sure you still have some hidden treasures out there.

Good luck girls!

Blue loves green