Iconic bag of the week

Hello girls, today i am presenting you the IT bag of the moment:

Petra of Everlane!


The bag became famous few months ago when Angelina was spotted wearing it. Sorry, when Angelina was spotted wearing a $ 400 bag! The world went crazy, everyone wants the bag! Almost everyone can have it but the waiting list is a bit full!

Petra is coming in 3 sizes and few color options. still waiting for the new season colors.

You can wear it in your travels, at shopping or at the office- the bag is big enough to carry all your essentials and more.

Iconic bag of the week

Iconic bag of the week

Hello girls, I am sure you know this bag and for sure, just like me you will looove to add it to your Iconic bags collection.

The Celine luggage tote


The bag was launched din 2010 and since then it became the IT bag of the following years together with the other iconic bag of the house, the Paddington bag.

The designer, Phoebe Philo, has the knack of reviving dying labels and making it cool and hip and for sure she did a great job with Celine bags.

The Luggage Totes come in an ever-expanding variety of color and finish combinations, but the default Luggage Tote for most celebs seems to be a solid black bag, or a solid navy blue or beige bag.

Featuring one zipper closure as a decoration in the front, this quintessential and classic bag was shaped as a shopping tote for day to night use, large bag capacity and sturdy leather further increases its versatility.

This stylish Luggage Tote comes in five sizes and a range of combinations and colors: suede and calf, crocodile and calf, or just good old calf skin.


It’s no surprise that the luggage has been so famous. Celebrities are carrying it  everywhere.

Celine Nano Luggage United States: $2,100 USD pre-tax, $2,250 USD with tax Europe: single-color; €1.600 EUR (credit: Mac firm) United Kingdom: single-color; £1,550 GBP

Celine Mini Luggage United States: drummed; $2,800 USD Europe: single-color; €1,800 EUR, multi-color; €2,600 EUR Singapore: S3,550 SGD

Celine Micro Luggage United States: drummed; $2,300 USD pre-tax, $2,500 USD with tax Europe: tri-color; €1,800 Singapore: single color; S3,250 SGD, tri-color; S3,450 SGD Japan: 231,000 JPY

Celine Medium Luggage United States: $3,100 USD Europe: €2,200 EUR – €2,400 EUR

Iconic bag of the week