Men with style- leather jacket

Dear Guys,

This is a timeless item that I am sure you all have it in your closet!



The leather jackets are still the same but you can style them in a very different way even if it’s that bad boy motorcycle style jacket that you thought is only works riding the… motorcycle.

So, here are the classics-(if you have them in your closet don’t you dare to give them away!)

The bomber jacket- remember James Dean and wear it as he used to- just jeans and a withe t-shirt.


The motorcycle jacket- do you remember Marlon Brando playing “The wild one” and wearing the Schott Perfecto? no need to say more- you can wear it exactly like that.


The field jacket- with four pockets in the front, used to be worn in the Vietnam war-Indiana’s Jones jacket!


The classic jacket-slim fitting silhouette with zip closure- casual wearing- jeans or casual pants with shirt for a polished look.



Find your style!




Men with style- leather jacket

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