Stylish Cuples

Do we dress according to our partner style? I think this is boring…everyone has the right to go with his personal choices but when we go together i think there must be a minimum linking between our appearance.


So either we choose the same style but in our own different way or we choose totally separates but trying to find an element than can make the whole couple image look unified.

Is true that in a couple we tend to influence each other wardrobes but let’s experiment the non matching but somehow matching 🙂 outfits even if this may seem awkward to others, it will allow us to be who we are and it will transform our couple appearance into a stylish one!

Let’s be clear- don’t wear an evening gown when he is wearing shorts!

Don’t dress sporty when he is wearing a suit but you don’t really have to wear a suit also or an boring office look!




Stylish Cuples

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