Product review- Petit Jardin


Few weeks ago, my partners from asked me to review a product that they are selling on their special offers website.
So I got this big box of goodies for me and my man.


We tried them all and I must say that I am really impressed, him also.
I loved the texture of the hand cream, so soft and delicate and the yummy smell on my hands! The face peeling is great and also the eye illuminating gel.
But what I liked the most was the Anticellulite Caffe Verde cream, I used it every evening before going to bed and my skin really liked it! The combination of green coffee, cocoa and guarana is a cellulite killer indeed, my skin is firmer and smoother!


My man loves the Dopobarba Blam and the eye dark circle balm.

I strongly recommend the Petit Jardin products, they are perfect for daily use for you and your partner, they have good price and they are made of delicious fruits and plants combinations.

You can find them here at the best prices of the market!

Product review- Petit Jardin

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