Sales hunting


Couldn’t wait for the sales season….I have some big crushes from the last year’s collections so I planned to hunt them now when the sales season is here.

I know…a true fashionista doesn’t wait that long but let’s be real, some of them are really expensive and we need our money for other necessities like vacations, spa and cosmetic treats, gym subscriptions…so I think this is a good compromise to have the perfect bag or shoes without breaking our budgets.

This is my wish list, still waiting for the big reductions but who knows maybe my day and night hunting season will be successful.

I will wisely invest my money so I can wear those items for many seasons and to be sure that they will always be in trend…well… with some new adjustments and accessories from the actual seasons.

So go for icon bags, oversized and military inspired coats, over the knee boots, small clutches and cross body bags, pumps in every color, lbd, the iconic Burberry trench, pencil skirts, lace, leather, sequined skirts…

So said, let’s go shopping girls!

Sales hunting

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